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Testimonial for Nature Bathing with The Wright Fit

An enjoyable experience, relaxing and stimulating at the same time. Madelyn was an excellent leader. (via Meetup)



Testimonials for The Wright Fit bespoke health and wellbeing coaching

Madelyn with client Janine

Madelyn (left) with Janine

I decided to give The Wright Fit a try because whilst I’m very aware of the benefits of exercise I was struggling to fit it into my life and struggling to feel motivated! I felt nervous about starting my sessions with The Wright Fit because I was worried about my fitness levels but I was very pleasantly surprised by the results of an initial fitness test which really spurred me on. I definitely have more muscle definition as a result of my sessions, and I feel fitter.

Maddy is a very methodical and nurturing mentor. The exercises never feel too difficult but when I wake up the next day I know I’ve exercised which is very satisfying. I would recommend The Wright Fit to anyone, especially those who are feeling uninspired when it comes to exercise or those who are worried they’re not fit enough to exercise.

I was thinking only the other day how surprised I was that I appear to have things resembling muscles, even my masseuse has noticed! And I also am appreciating my fitness levels. I haven’t been this fit since I gave up horse riding I don’t think. A male friend commented on my thighs(!). I’m surprised I like running, and I think that’s largely because I really enjoy having company when I exercise (which came as quite a surprise to this introvert!). I love that I can now do actual push-ups, I never imagined I’d be able to! Seeing actual, tangible progress is quite a surprise! I also like the fact that I don’t feel judged if I haven’t had time (or motivation) to do exercise outside of our sessions. It’s enough to show up and try my best. I also really appreciate having someone level-headed to talk to about food and nutrition.

I never really understood the point to having a personal trainer, but I really do now. I can’t imagine that I would have reached this level of fitness without one (purely from a motivation point of view) and I underestimated how much I’d appreciate the encouragement and company! Thank you for improving my fitness! ❤

I have to confess I’d always been a bit put off by the idea of a Personal Trainer, but now I literally wouldn’t want to be without Madelyn. Exercise felt like such a chore before but thanks to The Wright Fit my attitude has changed and I’ve been exercising regularly for months now. Hurrah! ~ (via Google+)

Janine Swann

Testimonial for The Wright Fit bespoke health and wellbeing coaching

Madelyn with client Liz and her daughter

Madelyn (left) with Liz and her daughter

If you are Colchester based and need a bit of inspiration, help or guidance from an awesome personal trainer… check The Wright Fit out.

Maddy puts the emphasis on personal, and will work with you to find a bespoke way of helping you to put your goals in motion whatever they are; from improving fitness, confidence, weight loss, or a more balanced lifestyle.

With a focus on making achievable, realistic and lasting changes, with impressively fast results; I can honestly say I would recommend Maddy to anybody wanting to get the motivation and support they need to get going, no matter what their initial fitness level.

I’m so impressed with what Maddy has helped me to do already.

Liz Anderson

Testimonial for The Wright Fit bespoke health and wellbeing coaching

Madelyn with client Jess

Madelyn (left) with Jess

I heard about The Wright Fit via word of mouth and decided to give it a try because I was fed up of being unhappy with my weight and unhealthy eating habits making me feel rubbish all the time. I have been asked to be a bridesmaid next year and I want to be able to look good in my dress and the photos! I felt excited before my first session as I knew I was finally taking control of my life. I found the sessions challenging and inspiring and my Healthy Lifestyle Mentor, Madelyn, was friendly, knowledgeable and very encouraging. It’s nice to know that if I’ve slipped up during the week with either exercise or food, Madelyn will be there to discuss it, work out what went wrong and how to prevent it happening in the future. I would recommend The Wright Fit to everyone because The Wright Fit has worked for me, helped me to achieve my goals and I cannot recommend them enough!


Testimonial for The Wright Fit bespoke health and wellbeing coaching

Today I had my first session of what is bound to be many. I was most worried about feeling/looking silly with someone’s full attention on my level of fitness. As it turns out the lovely Madelyn took everything at my pace, tailor-made the workout to my needs and never once made me feel anything other than capable and pretty awesome actually! She even gave me homework so I know what to do when she’s not here! In a year from now I will have run the London Marathon for Oxfam and Madelyn has totally put me on the right path to success! Thank you The Wright Fit! L

Star rating out of 5: *****  (via Facebook)

Laura Love

Testimonial for The Wright Fit bespoke health and wellbeing coaching

I heard about The Wright Fit through the Colchester WIGs and decided to give it a try because I wanted to improve my fitness. I had every confidence in my trainer Madelyn. She listens and is full of encouragement! The sessions are fun and challenging! I would recommend The Wright Fit to all, regardless of age!!

Sally Capel

Testimonials for The Wright Fit bespoke health and wellbeing coaching

Great motivation, fun exercise, and without realising it, I managed to get results! (via Facebook)

Madelyn was really friendly and encouraging, with helpful hints and tips throughout, and I never felt she was pushing me beyond my limits. She gave excellent advice, which I found really beneficial and informative, and I’ve continued to use it after and between sessions. ‘Homework’ was well tailored, and I felt Madelyn really respected my decisions and limits – for example, she didn’t pressure me to give up alcohol/wine completely, and the recommendation to reduce the alcohol level of the wine I was drinking felt both achievable and fair. She also didn’t encourage major changes, or drastic restrictions – something that many other diets and exercise regimes advocate. I continued to enjoy meals and social activities, without feeling like I was missing out.

I originally had six TWF sessions, and they were great. I decided to restart them as I felt I was losing control of my eating habits, and not exercising enough. I quickly realised that all the hard work TWF and I had put in previously had not been in vain, and I was able to pick up where I left off with relative ease and some exciting new goals. Madelyn was supportive and friendly throughout, and I didn’t ‘get into trouble’ as I thought I might. Instead, she was helpful during my reassessment and setting new milestones that were realistic and challenging. I was particularly pleased that we focused on my all-round health – not just fitness, but eating and drinking habits, flexibility, and wellbeing.

Zann Nolan