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deniz-altindas-38128The Wright Fit is all about finding ways to make your life better, step by step. There are many things that go into having a happy and balanced life, so The Wright Fit isn’t limited to just one aspect.

As a multipod (or multipotentialite), Madelyn has lots of different interests and skills, and she weaves all of these together to create unique and thoughtful services to help you to find your perfect balance.

The key, of course, is in finding “the right fit” for you.


The Wright Fit’s services

Colchester Italian Conversation Group

alessio-lin-141234This group is for everyone who’s learning Italian, would like to start learning Italian or used to speak Italian but has become rusty and would like to refresh their memory, as well as any native / fluent Italian speakers who would like to help others to learn, or Italian speakers who would like to practise their English.


Ask Maddy


I’ve spent over a decade practising personal development and learning about what makes people feel stuck, and what they can do to become unstuck. I’m a relentless optimist with an analytical eye, so I’m quick to spot things that could be fixed or improved, and tireless in my endeavours to do so.

Send me an email explaining your problem or obstacle, and I will reply by way of a blog post. That way, other people can also read my thoughts and suggestions, which might help them to navigate their own challenges!



Madelyn at Wrabness Woods