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deniz-altindas-38128The Wright Fit is all about finding ways to make your life better, step by step. There are many things that go into having a happy and balanced life, so The Wright Fit isn’t limited to just one aspect.

As a multipod (or multipotentialite), Madelyn has lots of different interests and skills, and she weaves all of these together to create unique and thoughtful services to help you to find your perfect balance.

The key, of course, is in finding “the right fit” for you.



The Wright Fit’s services

Colchester Italian Conversation Group

alessio-lin-141234This group is for everyone who’s learning Italian, would like to start learning Italian or used to speak Italian but has become rusty and would like to refresh their memory, as well as any native / fluent Italian speakers who would like to help others to learn, or Italian speakers who would like to practise their English.

Nature Bathing

paul-jarvis-217Forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku, in which you visit a forest for relaxation and recreation, is a popular approach to stress-management in Japan. Join me for a walk through one of Colchester’s woodlands, meadows, beaches or other areas of natural beauty as I encourage mindful appreciation of our surroundings and help you to switch off from the frenzy of everyday life and enjoy the peace and tranquillity.




Madelyn at Wrabness Woods


Testimonial for The Wright Fit bespoke health and wellbeing coaching

Before I started my sessions with The Wright Fit, I was convinced that I couldn’t do – and would never be able to do – running and squats due to pains I have previously suffered in my knees. Madelyn showed me how to do both properly and helped me focus on my technique. Six sessions later I have mastered squats and am building up my running time. I can also now do planks and press ups, which is great as I wanted to improve my core and strength. The Wright Fit really tailors the sessions to help you meet your goals, and concentrates on developing the skills properly, rather than rushing and over-reaching yourself. Thank you for your patience and helping me achieve things I never thought I would!

Adrienne Chandler

Testimonial for The Wright Fit bespoke health and wellbeing coaching

Really enjoyed the 6 sessions I’ve had with The Wright Fit so far. TWF looked at my diet and lifestyle, including stress levels, sleep pattern, overall health and exercise routine and suggested small realistic changes. Madelyn isn’t intimidating at all and made sure the changes she suggested fitted in with my lifestyle.

After 6 sessions I can run further and feel like I have a better technique for core exercises such as planks. Madelyn also suggested tweaking my diet and I now have much more energy.

Thanks TWF and Madelyn! ~ (via Facebook)

Suzy Power